There is more awareness today of what are generally called “food allergies”. Intolerances to foodstuffs like celiac disease (intolerance to gluten) and intolerance to lactose are increasingly common..

Celiac Disease

This is a food intolerance resulting from a lack of enzymes capable of digesting prolamine, one of the protein fractions comprising gluten, a protein complex contained in wheat and many other cereals including barley, rye, triticale, spelt, khorasan wheat, oats and all their derivatives. The consumption of these cereals provokes an adverse reaction in a celiac sufferer, causing serious damage to the intestinal mucous including the atrophy of the intestinal villi. Gluten is not found in rice, maize, sesame millet, potatoes, chestnuts, buckwheat, manioc, sorghum, soy beans, quinoa, and so these ean be eaten by individuals affected by celiac disease. A strictly followed gluten free diet is the only therapy that guarantees a celiac sufferer good health.




Intolerance to Lactose

Lactase is an enzyme required for the digestion of lactose, the sugar contained in milk. Individual with no or very little lactase who ingest milk suffer serious intestinal disturbances. This is due to the fact that undigested lactose is fermented by intestinal bacteria with the production of lactic acid, an irritant for the large intestine.
Current legislation obliges producers to clearly specify on the product label any allergens or any substances capable of provoking allergies and intolerances in susceptible individuals, which for any reason might be included directly (in the recipe) or indirectly (accidental contamination by allergens presents at the production site) during the manufacture of the product. All Ortalli products are made from raw materials that naturally contain no lactose or sources of gluten.




At the Ortalli production sites no products are made or raw materials stored that could accidentally result in contamination. Ortalli products are therefore suitable for consumption by individuals suffering from celiac disease or intolerance to lactose.